We’re a housing Co-op

CLO is a group of people, in our case, students, who live together and work together to maintain our living environment. We keep the cost of living low by maintaining the facility ourselves. We each do about two hours of work a week, mopping floors; washing dishes; mowing the lawn, etc.

What do I have to do to live there?

In order to be a resident, you must be an active student at the University of Florida or Santa Fe College. You must be able to pay rent and willing to give back to the community of CLO in the required duties as well as pitching in when extra efforts are needed.

What about roommates?

We do roommate matching to find the best person for you. You can also room with a friend. If in spite of our roommate matching you do not get along with your roommate, you can speak to the President and they will try to match you with someone else.

What is the co-op's capacity?

We have forty rooms in two buildings on either side of our commons building. One is for men and one for women. Each room is designed for two students. In total, we can house 80 students.

Is it affiliated with any group?

CLO is a student-run organization that is independent from the University of Florida. We don't have any affiliation with any religious or political group. However we welcome applicants from every background.

Who lives at CLO?

We have a wide variety of individuals from different states and countries. We also have many different majors and a mixture of graduates and undergraduates. All age groups are welcome.

What is the organization’s structure?

The Cooperative Living Organization is set up with a simple and balanced government. We have three officers: a president, a vice president, and a house manager. They each have specific duties that are outlined in our house rules. Along with the officers, we have a seven-member board of directors. Their job is to be the voice of the co-op, protect the organization, and provide checks and balances for the officers.

What can I contribute?

Every resident at CLO has something unique to offer. There are many roles in such a large organization. Beyond officers and board members, we have crews for the lawn, building maintenance, and up keep of all of the common areas. Each officer also has assistants to help them with their responsibilities. There is a general sense of working together for the good of the house. Our greatest resource is the people who live here. We all bring in skills and knowledge that help in running CLO. It helps to have people from every culture, and background; for greater diversity creates greater possibilities.