CLO Dorms Gainesville Apts.
Closeness to Campus We're only a block away. Live there and you'll never get away from campus. Hope you like riding the bus.
Meal Plan Free! Libre! (Fall and Spring) Totally expensive. What meal plan?
Community Friendships, cultural diversity everyone's welcome, laid back. Ice cream socials? Give me a break. Do you talk to your neighbor?
Cost $400 per month. Way more than $400 per month. Student loan, credit card debt, 1 arm and 1 leg.
People Preps, punks, arties, geeks, hipsters, and grad students. Do you know who lives in 2B? Trust fund babies.
Parking Free or minimal-cost parking. Get a parking decal and some patience. Sure they have parking. So what, who cares?
Amenities Fully furnished rooms, wi-fi, cable ready, recroom, laundry. About the same. Get your own.
Management Democracy (Student run with leadership opportunities). Dictatorship (Hope you have a nice RA). Bourgeois Pigs!